6 Best new heroes for Mobile Legends

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular MOBA, and since its release, it has amassed over 100 unique characters for players to try out and master. All the players have their own unique backstories, skills, strengths and weaknesses. A new patch has just been released, meaning a shuffle in the tier lists as characters’ meta gets updated.

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This evolution is part of what keeps players coming back. Mastering a powerful character and continually beating out other teams can get really boring, really fast. This evolution in their meta means that an OP character can now drop down in the tiers next month – keeping the playing field fair and creating more challenges for dedicated players.

6 Best new heroes for Mobile Legends

What do the tier lists in Mobile Legends mean?

Before we get in the best new heroes after the last update, we first need to understand what the different tiers mean. As mentioned, characters can move up and down the tiers following an update if their meta has been changed.

  • Tier S – strongest and most well-rounded
  • Tier A – average but powerful when mastered
  • Tier B – Niche specialists
  • Tier C – weaker and will have to be paired with experienced characters
  • Tier D – weakest heroes and require the most practice to play with

6 Best new heroes for each class in Mobile Legends

Now that we understand the tiers, let’s look at the best new heroes in Mobile Legends after the last update. The hero features in each class are currently ranked as tier S; however, we’ve included a few honorable mentions from other tiers for you to try as well.

Best Tanks

Tanks are bulky brawlers with high defense ratings. Their job is to take the lead and decide when it’s time to engage the enemy. They’re also responsible for taking the heat away from other teammates.


Tigreal is one of the original heroes, and many players might recognize him from when they first installed the game. However, he has remained a consistently strong tank type, and after the last patch, he’s sitting solidly in tier S. Tigreal has a good set of dash skills, as well as impressive CC power and an area of effect which makes him a great tank character in most team setups. He fares particularly well in teams that include Aurora, Badang or Ruby.

Best new heroes for Mobile Legends

Honorable mentions

The honorable mentions in tank class are:

  • Edith (Tier A)
  • Lolita (Tier A)
  • Balmund (Tier B)

Best Fighters

Fighters are versatile team members, often sitting somewhere between tanks and assassins. They usually have mid-range mobility, damage and crowd-control abilities. They are best used as lane runners.


Paquito is a strong S-tier fighter with good crowd control, burst, blink, buff and mobility. Paquito will dash towards the target and throw a powerful damage-dealing jab upon contact. Some of the best teammates to pair with Paquito include Angela, Mathilda and Franco. He can be countered by Alice, Benedetta and Barats.

Best new heroes for Mobile Legends

Honorable mentions

The honorable mentions in fighter class are:

  • Hayabusa (Tier A)
  • Zilong (Tier A)
  • Alucard (Tier B)

Best Marksman

Marksmen are the characters that really come into their own later in the fight. They work best when waiting in a lane with support characters. They often have hard-hitting attacks but lower HP.


Edith is a power S-tiered marksman/tank that controls a mechanical being, Phylax. She sends him to charge in a specific direction, and when he encounters an enemy along the way, he’ll stop, deal damage and throw the enemy over his shoulder. Her skills can include a mix of offensive and defensive items to make her truly formidable. 

Best new heroes for Mobile Legends

Honorable mentions

The honorable mentions in marksman class are:

  • Brody (Tier A)
  • Y Sun-Shin (Tier A)
  • Claude (Tier B)

Best Mage

Mages usually control the middle lane and work best when facing a single-lane opponent. A powerful mage can make a big difference in a team and can be used late in the game to whittle down enemies with large-area attacks so that other teammates can finish them off.


Valentina is one of the newer mages to be added to the roster. She gains a lot of XP for successful attacks on enemies and also has a life-drain skill. If an enemy is on the same level or lower, 32-60% of the damage dealt will turn into HP for Valentina – a very useful ability for a mage. Valentina pairs well with Tigreal, Angela and Atlas.

Best new heroes for Mobile Legends

Honorable mentions

The honorable mentions in the mage class are:

  • Odette (Tier A)
  • Alice (Tier A)
  • Faramis (Tier B)

Best Support

Support heroes will typically stay close to marksmen and will provide support in various ways. Not all support characters are healers; some may aid in carry’s growth while others might slow down or stun enemies from afar.


Mathilda is a very strong support/assassin S-tier character. She has great burst, blink, speed-up and team buff abilities that can make her a big threat. Her circling eagle ability is also very powerful. Mathilda pairs well with Jawhead, Khufra, and Chou.

Best new heroes for Mobile Legends

Honorable mentions

The honorable mentions in support class are:

  • Minotaur (Tier A)
  • Diggie (Tier A)
  • Angela (Tier B)

Best Assassin

Assassins are sometimes referred to as junglers, as they do best when not on the lanes. Instead, they hide in the jungles, taking out monsters to quickly gain XP and gold. Once they collect enough, they can use their position to pounce on enemies in the nearby lanes.


Aamon is one of the newer assassins to enter the roster and has quickly grown to an S-tier favorite. He is well suited to most situations, making him one of the easier S-tier characters to master. He also has a disappearing effect after landing a successful attack, during which he can regain HP, making him a formidable assassin. He pairs well with Angela, Floryn and Ruby.

Best new heroes for Mobile Legends

Honorable mentions

The honorable mentions in the assassin class are:

  • Hanzo (Tier A)
  • Harley (Tier A)
  • Lancelot (Tier B)

Dominate the competition by mastering the best heroes

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be a very entertaining and somewhat challenging game to play. The frequent updates to character metas mean you must continue mastering new characters, keeping the game fresh and exciting. Take a look at our list of the best new characters after the recent update.

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