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Mobile Legends Tier List for June 2021

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang presents over 100 heroes in this exhilarating multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Whether you’re playing on Android or iPhone, you’ll want to look at the best fighters from the Mobile Legends Tier List to see which are the top heroes and builds. It can make the difference between ultimate victory or failure.

With the meta changing so often, it’s crucial for Mobile Legends players to stay in the know about who the best heroes in the game are. The heroes you can select vary wildly based on what role you want to fill in your team composition. 

If you’re looking for Mobile Legends’ best hero to fit your playstyle, this guide is for you. We’ll go over the top Mobile Legends heroes in each class and teach you how to build them effectively. 

Mobile Legends Best Support Heroes

The support class is essential to guarantee good team comp. If you’re new to the game or like being an invaluable player on your team, this might be the class for you. The role of the support class is to protect your teammates. This role is responsible for helping the team, either through crowd control or utilities like healing and shields. These heroes aren’t focused on dealing damage but contribute greatly to team utility with buffs and debuffs. 

Support Tier List

Tier S+: Mathilda 

Tier S: Rafaela

Tier A: Diggie, Angela, Estes 

Tier B: Carmilla, Kaja 

Tier C: Faramis  

Mobile Legends Tier List for May 2021


Mathilda is the first combination assassin/support hero added to the game. She deals massive damage to her foes while simultaneously providing serious mobility buffs for her team. She has a great set of Burst, Blink, Speed Up, and team buff effects. 

Mathilda plays best when built as offensive support. First, buy Glowing Wand and Necklace of Durance to give her extra magic damage. Then focus on building some defense items to increase her survivability. Wrap it up with Immortality for increased tankiness. 

You can also do full magic damage build on her to wreck solo enemies. In this scenario, emphasize damage-dealing items rather than defense.

Lightning Truncheon and Holy Crystal will help maximize your damage output. Winter Truncheon can also save you from a risky situation. 


Rafaela is a well-rounded support hero that heals and boosts teammates’ movement speed. She also has the skills to damage, stun, and slow enemies. Her constant poke damage and crowd control effects make her an invaluable ally if your team is missing a good support. 

When it comes to builds, Rafaela needs to be built to cast skills at the right time for her teammates. This makes cooldown and movement speed items crucial. 

After buying basic boots and a wooden mask, complete Enchanted Talisman for massive mana regeneration and 20% cooldown reduction. Rapid boots are another great item that lets Rafaela be everywhere when her teammates need help. 

Necklace of Durance is a great item for high-regen enemies because it decreases their regen ability. Try to focus on items that are useful for teammates, like Ice Queen Wand for extra slowing effect. Thunderbolt for extra CC effect or Oracle for enhanced healing effects is other useful items. 

For late-game, Immortality is a must because it provides a longer presence and tankiness.

Mobile Legends Best Marksman Heroes

Marksmen heroes have the ability to deal long-range continuous damage. This makes them attack carriers that have a massive presence in games.

Marksman Tier List

Tier S+: Yi Sun-Shin, Granger 

Tier S: Bruno, Claude, Brody

Tier A: Popol and Kupa, Wanwan, Hanabi 

Tier B: Bruno, Layla, Kimmy 

Tier C: Karrie, Irithel 

Tier D: Clint, Moskov  

Tier E: Lesley, Miya 

Yi Sun-Shin 

Yi Sun-Shin is a Marksman/Assassin hero with an excellent set of Blink, AoE, and Mobility. He works well as a Marksman-Melee champion since his passive lets him use both Glaive and Longbow according to his distance from the marked target. His ultimate reveals the location of enemies anywhere on the map. 

There are many different ways to build Yi Sun-Shin. You can maximize his hyper-carry build to deal the most possible damage to enemies. Start with the Jungle Knife and then build attack damage items to increase his damage ratio over time. Focus on items that grant you true physical damage. 

One way to build this marksman is using Endless Battle, Blade of Despair, Demon Hunter Sword, and Queen’s Wings. This maximizes Yi Sun-Shin’s true damage output and lets you blast through enemies as quickly as possible. 

You can also build him with the Demon Hunter Sword, Swift Boots, Blade of Despair, Berserker’s Fury, Endless Battle, and Immortality. This build will help you deal a lot of damage but it will take some time to trade. The bright side of this build is that you can use other spells besides Retribution.


Granger is an incredibly popular choice and has been since his release in April 2019. He doesn’t use mana, nor does he have an energy bar. Because of this, he is extremely effective in the early game and doesn’t fall behind in the late game either. 

His skill sets can make way for many outplays and can change from defense to offense extremely quickly. Unlike most marksmen, Granger doesn’t rely on attack speed. Rather, pure attack damage works best. 

Granger doesn’t normally need more than 3 damage items. After you’ve got those, focus on cooldown reduction and defense items. 

One great build to try is Magic Shoes, Berserker’s Fury, Malefic Roar, Blade of Despair, Brute Force Breastplate, and Queen’s Wing. To maximize DPS and burst damage, try Raptor Machete, Warrior Boots, Blade of Despair, Brute Force Breastplate, Malefic Roar, and Hunter Strike. 

Mobile Legends Best Fighter Heroes

Fighters are melee heroes who excel at leading the charge. They have well-balanced stats that allow them to dive deep into enemies and survive.

Their damage builds up over time, and they’re relatively sturdy, although not as robust as a Tank. They are the most flexible heroes in the game and can adapt to any situation.

Fighter Tier List

Tier S+: Phoveus, Paquito

Tier S: Chou, Jawhead 

Tier A: Silvana, Hilda, Yu-Zhong, Thamuz, Bane, Aldous, Khaleed, Sun

Tier B: Balmond, Zilong, Roger, Leomord, Guinivere, Lapu-Lapu

Tier C: Badang, Alucard, Alpha, Masha, Ruby, Argus

Tier D: Martis, X-borg, Terizla, Freya

Tier E: Minsithar, Dyroth


Phoveus is an incredibly strong Fighter type hero with a good set of Crowd Control, Shield, Burst, and Mobility. His first skill gives him a shield and plays a big part in his survivability. It also increases his damage spread between nearby enemies. 

Phoveus is a very strong fighter in mid and late-stage because of his thick shield and magic damage. His ultimate lets him punish heroes that use Blink skills. 

Phoveus is a fighter with magic damage, so you have to prioritize his damage output to win in a 1v1 situation. The Clock of Destiny, Demon Shoes, and Consecrated Energy items buff his magic damage and allow him to regenerate mana. 

Oracle is essential to increase his shield output and HP regen. Brute Force Breastplate and Immortality also increase his bulk. 


Paquito is a very strong Fighter type hero with a good set of Crowd Control, Blink, Buff, Burst, and Mobility. His first skill gives him a shield and plays a big part in his survivability. His second skill is a dash, which helps him to dodge enemies’ skills.

Paquito is a very strong fighter in early and mid-stage because of his high damage. He does not have a one-hit skill and is completely dependent upon combos.

Since Paquito is an early game damage dealer, try to do focus on items that grant you True Physical Damage, Tenacity, and Physical Vamp.

Endless Battle is a very important item for Paquito and should be included in any build. Combine it with Warrior Boots, Bloodlust Axe, Blade of Despair, Brute Force Breastplate, and Queen’s wings for a DPS build that maximizes survivability. 

You can also try an Assassin Hyper Carry build to deal more damage to enemies. Use Raptor Machete, Magic Shoes, Endless Battle, Blade of Despair, Hunter Strike, and Immortality. 

Mobile Legends Best Assassin Heroes 

Assassins are Mobile Legends characters that specialize in swiftly eliminating enemies’ core members. They can easily reach the back lane and kill the enemy team’s main DPS, turning the tide of battle.

However, they’re challenging to play as they tend to be fragile and require skillful execution of abilities to hunt down their prey. Their high burst damage needs to be focused on the right targets to tip the balance in your team’s favor.

Assasin Tier List

Tier S+: Ling, Benedetta 

Tier S: Selena

Tier A: Lancelot, Hayabusa, Natalia, Karina

Tier B: Gusion, Saber

Tier C: Fanny

Tier D: Karina, Hanzo

Tier E: Helcurt


Ling is one of the most powerful assassins currently in Mobile Legends. A Ling hyper carry is one of the most popular and overpowering picks. Ling’s ability to kill and get out in an instant makes him a nightmare for marksmen and mages.

However, hyper-carrying is hard. Your whole team relies on you and one bad decision can mean the end of the game. That’s why it’s crucial to build Ling the right way to maximize his abilities. 

The best items to build him with are the Raptor Machete, Magic Shoes, Berserkers Fury, Endless Battle, Blade Of Despair, and Haass Claws. This build focuses on boosting Ling’s physical attack and critical damage.


Benedetta is an assassin that you can redeem free right now from the ongoing event. She is valuable for her outstanding mobility and massive damage output.  

With her AoE damage and Blink effect, she can easily dominate the battlefield. It’s also easy to rank up with Benedetta because she has a defense mechanism that will protect her in tricky situations. 

Because Benedetta’s damage output is so massive, it’s a good idea to focus on sustainability in her builds. Start out with Raptor Machete and then add Magic Shoes, Blade of Despair, and Bloodlust Axe. These are her core items. 

Next, go for one physical defense item like Brute Force Breastplate or Queen’s Wings. Finally, round out her build with Immortality or Rose Gold Meteor. 

Mobile Legends Best Mage Heroes

Mages are magic heroes in Mobile Legends adventure that specialize in burst damage and crowd control. They are glass cannons that tend to be high-priority targets for assassins because of their massive burst damage. 

Mage Tier List

Tier S+: Yve, Lunox 

Tier S: Esmerelda, Pharsa, Alice, Harith 

Tier A: Kagura, Valir, Chang’e, Harley

Tier B: Cyclops, Cecillion 

Tier C: Lou-Yi, Eudora, Nana, Zask, Gord 

Tier D: Kadita, Aurora, Odette, Vale, Lylia 

Tier E: Vexanna 


Yve is a brand new mage with an incredible set of Area of Effect, CC, and High Burst damage. She is relatively easy to play, compared to many other mages. Playing Yve is a good way to increase your Mobile Legends rank since she is easy to master. 

There are many spells that you can use on Yve according to team comp. One of the best spells for her is  Flameshot. It will be very helpful to finish dot life enemies and sometimes for escape, too. You can also useFlicker on her to escape death and chase dot life enemies.

Since Yve is a proper Mage, try to focus on items that grant you Magic damage and Magic penetration. Start by buying Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon. These will be her core items. 

Next, focus on getting the Ice Queen Wind and Glowing Wand to wreck solo enemies. Round off her build with Demon shoes and Holy Crystal or Blood Wings. 


Lunox is one of the best damage mages in the game. She was released back in September 2018 and for a long time was the best mage pick and favorite to all. She was nerfed for a little while, but recent patches have buffed her up again and helped her regain her spot in the meta.

A well-played Lunox can easily dominate the game because she is capable of dueling with a lot of heroes and is high damage with a lot of regen and poke. 

Lunox is versatile and can be played both as support and DPS based on the equipment items and rotation. 

For a support build, take the Demon Shoes, Lightning Truncheon, and Clock of Destiny. Then, take Concentrated Energy and Fleeting Time. 

For a damage-focused build, take the Demon Shoes, Lighting Truncheon, and Clock of Destiny as the core items. Next, pick up Divine Glaive, then Holy Crystal, and Blood Wings. 

Mobile Legends Best Tank Heroes

Tanks are strong, aggressive initiators with a bulky health pool. They have a range of skills to protect their teammates and lock down enemies. 

Tanks are very durable heroes that can easily absorb a great deal of damage from their enemy. Because of their ability to withstand heavy burst damage, these heroes are often used as bait, or to engage in team fights, in order to provoke an opponent’s reaction.

Tank Tier List 

Tier S+: Jawhead, Hylos 

Tier S: Barats, Gloo, Grock

Tier A: Atlas, Uranus, Khufra, Tigreal, Baxia

Tier B: Akai, Gatotkaca

Tier C: Belerick, Lolita

Tier D: Franco, Minotaur

Tier E: Johnson


Jawhead is a massively strong Tank hero with a great set of Stun, Area of Effect, Burst damage, and Knock-up. His passive skill boosts his basic attack damage. When Jawhead activates his Skill 2, he gains a thick shield. 

These skills make it easy to play him as a super-sustaining fighter. He can take out squishy glass cannons with the help of his ultimate. 

Jawhead is versatile and can be built in many different ways. Follow the enemy’s pick and then decide his role on the battlefield. Try to focus on items that grant you Physical Damage, Tenacity, and Physical Vamp. 

One extremely powerful build to try begins with the Bloodlust Axe. Next, add Blade of Despair, Oracle, Queen’s Wings, and Immortality. Endless Battle is a core item for Jawhead and should be included in any build. 


Hylos is a classic pick for a tank that has not lost his place in the meta. He is great at defending his allies with skill effect.

Hylos is actually one of the easiest heroes to use. He has a great set of Stun Effects, AoE Skills, Healing Skills, and Movement Buff skills. 

Hylos’ passive skill uses his HP points to increase his skill effects. So, the items that increase overall HP and Mana regen are best for Hylos. Defense items are also helpful for increasing his durability.

When building Hylos, start with the Courage Mask, Warrior Boots, and Clock of Destiny. Then add on Oracle, Immortality, and Dominance Ice. 

Mobile Legends 2021

Now you know the top Mobile Legends heroes of 2021. You can select the best support, marksman, fighter, assassin, mage, or tank to fit your playstyle. Because many heroes require spending in-game currency, it’s important to choose the heroes that you buy wisely. 

For more build guides and coverage of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, check out our other Mobile Legends guides. 

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