Mobile Legends Builds – Top 3 Tips

If you’re looking for a game like League of Legends that’s easier to ascend to the top of the leaderboard, you’ll want to download Mobile Legends Bang Bang for iPhone or Android. Of course, learning how to play and win at such an exciting game can be daunting, which is why we’re sharing our top 3 tips for Mobile Legends Builds.

Top 3 Tips for Mobile Legends Builds

Tip 1: How to copy a pro player’s build

If you’re looking at another gamer’s build that you want for your team, there’s a quick way to copy it:

  • Go to preparation. 
  • Click on ‘Equipment’
  • Choose a hero whose build you want to copy
  • Go to ‘Pro-builds’ and select your preferred option.

Tip 2: How to copy a build from the leaderboard

In the same way, you can head to the leaderboard and steal a build from there:

  • Go to ‘Leaderboard.’
  • Click on the ‘Heroes’ tab.
  • Select the top player’s name.
  • Click on ‘Inspect.’
  • You’ll be able to see all the items and specs they used.

Tip 3: Best builds for defense

If you are in one-on-one combat, the two best builds for a physical attack are:

  • Blade of Despair
  • Hunter Strike

If you’re a tank or a fighter, you have to increase your armor to minimize these two builds’ effect on you. The two best builds to help you achieve this is:

  • Blade Armour
  • Dominance Ice

If your opposition has already built up their armor, you can further counter it by getting the Malefic Roar armor penetration to build.

The best builds for magic attacks are:

  • Holy Crystal
  • Blood wings

If you are a tank or fighter, you can defend yourself from magic attacks with:

  • Athena’s Shield
  • Oracle

If your enemy has the magic resist builds, you can recounter them with a magic penetration build like Divine Glaive.

Build your best and become a Mobile Legend

There is no one perfect recipe for a hero build but rather an ideal build for every type of situation you’ll face. Why re-invent the wheel? Learn from the pros and add or take away to customize your unique build.

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