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Top 6 Mobile Legends Miya Build Items

Shaun M Jooste


It can be challenging to be a new player of Mobile Legends. There are tons of mechanics to learn, and the gaming community is not always friendly towards new people. However, you’ll find that there are still heroes who are noob-proof, and Miya is one of these select few. She carries massive damage, and her skills are simple and easily mastered. We’ll give you one of the best Mobile Legends Miya builds, which focuses on boosting Miya’s raw physical damage to the point that every shot counts

Mobile Legends Miya Build

Miya becomes an unstoppable force late-game, provided she has the right items.

Item 1: Haas’s Claw

While this item provides a nice boost to Attack, its real value is in its lifesteal. It allows Miya to stay in the fight for longer and to outlive even the most robust tanks.

Item 2: Swift Boots

Boots should always be the first item you build on any character. The added movement speed is a must for every situation, and these boots also give a nice boost to Attack Speed.

Item 3: Scarlet Phantom

This element provides an insane DPS boost because of its increased Crit Chance and Attack Speed modifiers.

Item 4: Malefic Roar

This item gives you bonuses to damage and penetration, boosting your damage towards armored heroes and towers.

Item 5: Berserker’s Fury

The Berserker’s Fury offers more Crit Chance and Crit Damage modifiers, allowing you to take chunks of HP from other heroes.

Item 6: Blade of Despair

Not only does this offer a whopping increase to your Attack damage, but it also allows you to do more damage to low-health heroes.

One-Punch Woman

Miya becomes a deadly force on the field with this build, effectively sniping others from afar and doing catastrophic damage to the enemy’s towers. And there’s nothing quite like the rush you get from seeing your kill counter skyrocket as you wreck the enemy base and crush their dreams to dust.

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