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Guide to the 7 Mobile Legends Ranks



Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena that’s taken the Android and iPhone worlds by storm. Besides the tier list for various heroes, players progress through 7 Mobile Legends ranks in Ranked Matches. If you’re new to this action game, you might want to check out these first before proceeding on your conquests.

The 7 Mobile Legends Ranks

Do you have what it takes to climb the Mobile Legends Ranks and get to the top? Here is what each level entails.

Rank 1: Warrior

This is the start level, and you’ll begin with Warrior III. To progress to the next rank, you’ll need to complete three stages and stars. You’ll receive the following once completed:

  • Premium skill fragments: 1
  • Battle points: 1000
  • M tickets: 1

Rank 2: Elite

Welcome to the second-ranking level, where your wits and skills will be tested. You’ll need to complete the third stage while also obtaining four stars. You’ll need to play strategically to receive these rewards:

  • Premium skill fragments: 3
  • Battle points: 3000
  • M tickets: 2

Rank 3: Master

This ranking is challenging to master, so to speak. Many new players struggle to progress beyond this section. You’ll need four stars again, and these are the rewards you can expect:

  • Exclusive skin gift
  • Battle points: 400
  • M tickets: 300

Rank 4: Grandmaster

You’ll feel like the ultimate mobile legends player here, but we’re only halfway. You’ll need five stars to progress, but good luck getting past these difficult stages. If you do manage to complete them, here’s what you’ll obtain:

  • Exclusive skin gift
  • Battle points: 7000
  • M tickets: 600

Rank 5: Epic 

You’re almost there. Now, you’ll need to clear five stages and reach five stars. Choose the right heroes that you max out, and it should be easy pickings. Remember to use the correct build. Here’s what you could receive.

  • Exclusive skin gift
  • Battle points: 12000
  • M tickets: 1000

Rank 6: Legend

Legend used to be the highest competitive ranking level in the past. It has become the penultimate rank, giving you, even more, to strive for. You’ll receive:

  • Exclusive skin gift
  • Battle points: 20000
  • M tickets: 1500

Rank 7: Mythic

This is the haven where the top 50 players reside. It’s a long journey, but the gifts are rewarding:

  • Exclusive skin gift
  • Battle points: 20000
  • M tickets: 1500

Become the epic, legendary mythic

While challenging, climbing the Mobile Heroes ranks can be entertaining. Take your friends and foes on as you beat them to the top.

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